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Employee Engagement happens all year long; well beyond the Gallup Engagment Survey.  Engagement refers to the emotional connection employees feel to their jobs and their employer. It goes beyond job satisfaction to reflect how invested and aligned employees feel in the success of their teams and the organization.

We know engaged staff members are fully involved in and enthusiastic about their work. We act in ways that support our own success and further the organization's mission

L&OD is privileged to provide a wide variety of consulting, training and support programs for all of our talented and committed employees throughout our UCSF community.  Some of our work can be seen  in our 2018 - 2022 Staff Engagement Organization Wide 4 Year Action Plan  and Road Map which focuses on Building an Inclusive Strengths Based Organization.  

We are committed to working with the entire UCSF community to foster engagement, professional growth and development to support of our organization wide mission.

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Town Hall January 29, 2020



As an UCSF Staff Engagement Ambassador, you are a leader. You have been nominated by your Manager/Supervisor to work with your team to help create employee engagement throughout your department or unit throughout the entire year; beyond the Gallup Engagement Survey.  




We have several resources available to assist you in leveraging the UCSF engagement survey results to take actions that help to build and sustain your team's engagement.





L&OD sponsors several Employee Engagement events and activities throughout the year including two annual Staff Engagement Town Halls, Ambassadors Summits, Managers Engagement Training, as well as Strengthsfinder and Organization Development (OD) Consulting, as well as Leadership and Professional Staff Development courses.


Gallup SurveyGallup Survey

L&OD helps to administer the annual UCSF Gallup Employee Engagement Survey.  We have several training and support resources to help you access and analyze your survey results. 

Gallup Survey


We have compiled several tools and resources to assist your UCSF Employee Engagement efforts.




All past UCSF Employee Engagement events and resources have been archived and are accessable online for your review.


IMPORTANT! Staff Engagement Survey Resources are accessible through internal access only. You must be at UCSF or use VPN to access materials found on this website. Please contact IT Help Support at 1.415.514.4100 for VPN assistance.