Gallup Engagement Survey Gallup Engagement Survey


Employee Engagement happens all year long. The UCSF Gallup Staff Employee Engagement Survey is our way to measure how we're doing. We have several links and resources available to help you access your survey results and support your action planning process.

The 2021 UCSF Staff Engagement Survey



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Survey Measures

Gallup’s internationally-renowned research has identified 12 specifically-worded measures about engagement that indicate a high-performing work environment, known as the “Q12.”

Q12 Hierarchy

Additionally, our UCSF staff engagement survey asks data-driven items tailored toward key UCSF priorities, including indices on Accountability, Belonging, and Recommending UCSF.

Engagement Survey Additional Items

We also ask staff to respond to one open-ended question: “What can UCSF do to make this an even better place to work?” Responses to all questions are confidential, combined with comments from at least five respondents by Gallup and reported to UCSF exactly as written.

Survey Audience

Who is invited to the survey? 

  • All UCSF Campus and Health staff are invited, except some short-term and part-time staff are not invited.
  • Benioff Children’s Hospitals (San Francisco & Oakland) and UCSF Benioff Children’s Physicians are invited.
  • Newly hired staff who have tenure of less than 3 months at the time of the survey launch are not invited, but will be invited to the following year's survey.

Responses to all questions are confidential

Gallup administers the UCSF Staff Engagement Survey according to strict confidentiality policies. At no time will Gallup share data with UCSF in a way that would directly connect you to your responses. Gallup NEVER shares individual respondent-level data with UCSF, not even with senior leaders or managers -- all results are reported at the team level, aggregated in groups of 5 or more respondents.

Managers cannot see age, gender, ethnicity report details

Variables such as age, gender, and ethnicity are considered private workplace variables, so team managers do not have access to that level of survey report detail. Other categories (such as primary work location) are not private, so managers will be able to look at reports by those details. Again, all results are grouped by 5 or more respondents, so no individual's survey answers can be singled out.

2020 Pulse Survey
 Addressing COVID, Racial Injustice, and Financial Health

2020 Pulse Survey 

2020 was a year of extraordinary challenges. This is why Chancellor Sam Hawgood and Mark Laret, President and CEO of UCSF Health, sought to take a staff “pulse” survey to get feedback on how UCSF was addressing the unprecedented converging public health crises of COVID-19, a national reckoning on racism, in addition to the financial fallout of the pandemic. 

Read about key findings and follow-up actions of the 2020 Pulse Survey here.​​​​​