UCSF Action Plan
UCSF supports actionable efforts to improve engagement where our past engagement surveys have shown we have opportunities. Our organization-wide action plan for 2018-2026 is a commitment to building an inclusive, strengths-based culture.

Our Road Map

Building roadmaps for staff

  • Declaring an unambiguous goal of reaching world-class engagement and belonging
  • Becoming One UCSF –
    Understanding our desired future state, plans for growth and how departmental goals align to  established priorities
  • Continuing to build and establish Career Pathways that support inclusive workforce development and internal mobility

Helping managers serve as advocates

Identifying & addressing unconscious bias

Anti-Racism Initiative - Engaging in a sustained anti-racism operation that is informed by the work of Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD and embedded in our anti-racism pillars

  1. “Naming Racism”, asking “How is Racism Operating Here”
  2. Dismantling racism by “Organizing and Strategizing our actions”
  3. Recognizing that Anti-Racism must span more than one generation and committing to continuous equity improvement 

Anti-Racism Pillars

Actions Pledged

Toward our 2018-2026 staff engagement organization-wide action plan, the following activities are the focus of our work.

Community Forums

UCSF community events toward fostering engagement and a sense of belonging:

Updated Jan 2022