L&OD and UCSF leadership has been working throughout the year to not only analyze the results from the survey, but to expand opportunities for all of us to be heard, share the results of our annual UCSF Gallup Engagement Survey, and implement an Action Plan with the entire UCSF community.

Engagement Resources and Gallup Access Demo - November 4, 2021 

Engagement Resources and Gallup Access Demo Recording

RECORDING (54hr 31s)

  1. Webinar Recording  Video
    UCSF Staff Engagement Resources (0 - 17m)
    Gallup Access Resources, Action Plan Input Demo, and Q&A  (17m - 54m)


Ambassador Summit (Quarterly Check-in) - October 14, 2021 

Ambassador Summit (Quarterly Check-in) - July 28, 2021 

Engagement Ambassador Summit July 2021 Summer 2021 Quarterly Check-in

RECORDING (19m 46s)

  1. Recording (19m:46s) Video
  2. Powerpoint deck (pdf)
  3. Engagement Ambassador Checklist for Action Planning 

Discussion Questions:

  1. What worked well when you communicated with your team to promote the survey?
  2. What could be improved?

2021 Staff Engagement Town Hall 

2021 Staff Engagement Town Hall

RECORDING (1h:29m)

Feedback from Participants  

Building an Inclusive Strengths Based Organization

Ambassador Orientation - Spring 2021 

Ambassadors' Check-In - May 28, 2020

Ambassadors' Summit - March 2020

UCSF 2020 4th Bi-Annual Staff Engagement Town Hall

Town Hall Recorded 1/29/20

RECORDED 1/20/20

NOTE:  If you attended a group viewing, please CLICK HERE to provide your email address for this event to be added to your training transcript.

Ambassadors' Summit - November 19, 2019

Ambassadors' Summit
RECORDED 11/19/19

"We’re excited to trial some of the other activities/ideas in our department this upcoming year!"
--Chad Noble-Tabiolo, MPH, CLS (ASCP), Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Specialist Point of Care Testing, UCSF Health


"Thank you for such a wonderful Staff Engagement Ambassador’s Summit at Parnassus yesterday! 
I walked away energized and filled with bright ideas!"
--Michelle Hamilton, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police Mike Denson, UCSF Police Department 


"The summit yesterday was so successful. Cecilia and I have related to the HR Managers that the recording will be available online soon. We had a request to get some help to bring together the various ambassadors and managers together within HR to enhance what they would get just from watching the recording."
--Millo Pasquini, Business Services Manager, Pharmaceutical Chemistry


"Thank you for a great Ambassador's Summit yesterday at Parnassus."
--Lynn Duncan, Institute for Human Genetics


"Fantastic session, Max! The Ambassadors' Summit was spectacular. Entertaining and informative— learned many new ideas. Especially 'Happies and Crappies!' Nice job!"
--Kim Jarboe LaPean, UCSF Communications & Engagement Manager


"Closing out the month of gratitude thinking of how many amazing things you and your group have done thus far. Mind boggling. You are all value added. Happy Thanksgiving!"
--Frances Peterson, AAIII, UCSF Staff Engagement Ambassador, UCSF Department of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences (BTS)

Max Ferman – Ambassador
Instructional Designer L&OD

Engagement Website

UCSF Campus New Employee Onboarding video


Gallup Engagement Survey Resources

Panel Presenters

  • Chuck Kindred – Ambassador
    Enterprise Analytics Lead, Enterprise Information and Analytics
  • David Dobbs 
    Executive Director, Enterprise Information and Analytics
UCSF Staff Engagment SLACK Channel
Join w/ your emails without any further approvals.
Contact Chuck Kindred with any questions,
  • Korin Franklin – Ambassador
    Executive Assistant, CSF Health Accounting 
  • Tammy Pabis
    Assistant Controller, UCSF Health Accounting
UCSF Controller's Office
  • Mike Huang – Ambassador
    Administrative Analyst, Campus Life Services (CLS) Central Administration
  • Shauna Strong
    Sr. Administration Manager, Campus Life Services (CLS)

CLS Engage

  • Deborah Reiter – Ambassador
    Administrative Director, School of Medicine Dean’s Office
  • Olivia Herbert 
    Associate Dean and Chief of Staff to the Dean, School of Medicine Dean’s Office
School of Medicine Dean’s Office
  • Rob Odom
    VP Marketing and Brand Management
  • Paula Motte
    Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing

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UCSF 2019 Staff Engagement Town Hall: Results

Ambassador Orientation (2019)

UCSF 2019 Follow-up Staff Engagement Town Hall

Ambassador Summit - January 18, 2019

UCSF 2018 Staff Engagement Town Hall 

Manager "Advocacy" Engagement Workshop (2019)

  • Review the state of engagement at UCSF.
  • Understand what it means to be a manager who is an advocate. 
  • Assess your leadership skills.
  • Discover resources and tools that will support you in increasing staff engagement.


  1. Gallup Developmental Interview Guide
  2. How effective are you as an advocate?
  3. L&OD Learn and Grow Opportunities
  4. One-on-One Engagement Conversations Guide
  5. Powerpoint Deck

Manager Engagement Resources (2018)

Manager Survey Support Tools

Manager Survey Support Tools

  1. Action Planning Instructions
  2. How to Access Your Survey Results  
    Use this quick guide to navigate through Gallup Access to see your team’s results.
  3. How to Track Your Direct Reports' Participation Rate  (Campus/Health)
  4. How to Use The Gallup Roster Review Tool
  5. Gallup Office Hours for Managers - How to Access Gallup Survey Results
    Recording Now Available in UC Learning Center  (1 hour)
    Recorded WEBINAR demo of Gallup Access

  6. Manager Guide for Q12® for
    Making Sense of Your Survey Results 
  7. UCSF Health Gallup Survey Participation Rates by Unit
    The 2019 Gallup survey is open, and this week’s UCSF Health Gallup Survey Participation Rates allows you to see how your organization is doing.  (Medical Center Main, Family Practice Organization, Health Joint Ventures Affiliates, Home Office - Health, Langley Porter Hospital).

    UCSF Health/Campus Managers and Delegates can already check their direct report participation rates using  (See How to Track Your Team Participation Rate)
  8. UCSF Team Hierarchy Lookup Tool (Gallup Roster Review Tool)
    Check your team’s roster as it was submitted to Gallup 

2018/19 Timeline

L&OD and UCSF leadership has been working throughout the year to not only analyze the results from the survey, but to expand opportunities for all of us to be heard, and share the results and action plan with the entire UCSF community.

Ambassador Selfie Videos

We asked all of our Ambassadors to submit a "Selfie Video" to tell us "Why the Engagement Survey is Important," and received amazing videos!
We incorporated a couple of your videos into the Ambassador Orientation, and invite you all to share with your teams!

Aurora Slusher
Administrative Director,
UCSF Women’s Health Primary Care | Geriatrics Primary Care

Frances Peterson, AAIII 
UCSF Staff Engagement Ambassador
UCSF Department of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences (BTS).

Denise Jimenez 
Director, Human Resources UCSF Benioff Children's Physicians